The Belleville spring washer is a conical washer (non-flat) with spring properties. These washers are used in applications where high loads are necessary with small deflections and allow for static and dynamic applications as well.  These springs are specially indicated to compensate for the effect of vibration and thermal variations that produce relaxation in bolt joints. Its function in these applications is to keep bolted connections tight.

Belleville springs can be used in stacks with different settings, depending on the spring that we need (ask our engineers for advisory in this area):

  • Serial stack: For the same load we get a longer deflection
  • Parallel stack: For the same deflection we get a stronger load
  • Serial / parallel stack: We get a combination of both sets

There are several common names for these washers as Belleville washer, spring washer, Belleville spring, Belleville disc spring or conical spring washer. All these names are per the same product.

The standard sizes of these springs are aligned with imperial units, as American standard. The materials used in these washers are standard disc spring steel (ASTM 1070 Non alloyed high carbon steel / ASTM 6150 Chromium vanadium alloy steel), stainless steel (AISI 301 / AISI 631) and also other materials as H13 (heat resistant) and Inconel alloys (corrosion and heat resistant). See our materials section for more information: materials