Washers have different purposes ranging from load distribution and shock absorption to electrical connection and insulation. The variety of ways that washers find their purpose have resulted to the development of several kinds of washers, which include flat washers, conical washers, and helical-spring washers.
Practically everyone needs mechanical tools to help ease the burden of manual lifting or shifting. We may not be aware how as small as a spring inside a wristwatch can fulfill its exact function, but this seemingly small part has a big contribution to the overall operation of the system where it belongs.

A Beginner's Guide To Belleville Washers

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Some people who may need to use compression spring applications that require high load may not be able to distinguish which kind of washers that would best suit for their needs. However, one of the most commonly recommended items for this purpose is the Belleville washer.

Tips To Make Belleville Washers Last Longer

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If you’ve been using Belleville washers, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss how you can preserve the life of Belleville washers.
Springs Din 2093 temperature and loosening.

Belleville springs stack working and geometry.

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The Disc Springs DIN 2093 work in axial compression force. Its geometry is determinate by the values of: external diameter, internal diameter, thickness and height of the disc without load.

Permissible stress on disc springs

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Critical pressure points in elastic springs under load

Disc Spring Geometry

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Performance of a disc spring under deflection

Get help from our calculation program!

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We help you choose disc springs or Belleville springs optimal for your business.

When a disc spring can help you

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Technical names such as disc spring DIN 2093 or spring DIN 6796 are not known by a lot of people. Actually, we are not awareness of the importance that these springs have in our life.